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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

Being an online business owner is a tough profession to juggle. You got client meetings here and some pending administrative works there. You can’t do these all at once. You can’t do accounting tasks while talking with your client. You’ve got to focus on one task at a time. It’s better that you hire a Virtual Assistant right away.

I’ve created a list of reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant:

1. There are pending administrative documents that are piling up on your desk. Some simple tasks like encoding documents, reports, accounting can’t be on your itinerary lists for today. But these simple tasks are actually vital to your online business. Instead of let it sleep on your desk all day, you can hire a Virtual Assistant that charges by the hour to do all these tasks. At the end of the day, the tasks are already done and you also have a fresh client list for your online business.

2. You don’t know much about the latest apps and gadgets used to organize work. We can all say that we know how to manipulate tools for the tasks but most of these tools are out-of-date. They’re ancient. Virtual Assistants are highly-adaptable to the current changes in the world wide web. They know the latest applications to arrange your schedules. There’s even an application that can send you an alert about your meetings. They can arrange these for you so your day can go smoothly.

3. You don’t have much experience about writing articles and press releases. Some skills just can’t be mastered. There are special skills that only an online marketing writer can do. Let’s leave those tasks to them.

4. Stress levels are rising for the ongoing tasks and more are coming up. With all of the impending tasks and meetings to attend, your stress levels rise up but you can’t take a break because you have no one to leave all these tasks to do for you. If you do these every time, you’ll go mad or, God-forbid, end up in the hospital. Now, we don’t want that to happen. It’s time we share our responsibilities to someone who can handle administrative tasks for you, like a Virtual Assistant.

5. You just don’t have the time to do it by yourself. You’re busy now talking to clients and you still got some things to do. You don’t have all day to do that. So, what do you do about it? Let’s hire a Virtual Assistant to do the job for you.

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How Ranking On Google Affects Your Website


Being on the top rank on Google gives your prestige and honor above other businesses out there. The page ranking that Google people have created gives your website the rating of whether it’s hot or not based on Google’s terms. I’ve read a lot of websites or blogs claiming that they know how to put your website at #1 and Page One on Google search engine. You have to pay them money though for that information. People go to greater heights just to be on top. Why is it important though, to be on the top rank of Google page? There are many opinions why netizens give importance to Google page ranking. First, Google is the number one search engine in the world. People go online to Google to search just about anything. So, if you want people to visit your website, it must appear on number one. The more people go to your website, the more it gets known and the more potential customers you can get. If you have a business website, your business gets to be a reliable and authentic company and your satisfied clients will recommend your services to other people. Another thing that’s also important is if websurfers visit your site more often, you get to have unique hits from visitors from all over the world. Now, if you have that type of notoriety, advertisers will offer you money to post their ads on your website. You’re running your business, plus you get to have some extra cash on the side.

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Take Advantage of “Stumbles” in Virtual Assistant Internet Marketing

It is only through virtual assistant internet marketing that you can ascertain that your content can use as much space and time you want.  Think also of your potential audience in the Internet. The people on Facebook alone reach more than 700 million. Total number of people who log on to the internet everyday, on average, is more than a hundred million.

That said, your audience can be anybody, absolutely anybody.  Although it may be true that your business is targeting niches but it is virtually impossible to exclude people who “stumble” upon what you have to offer.  These stumbles are indicators of successful marketing: covering base that you did not expect.  Influencing this sector of clients you did not expect is one of the big plus factors of this type of internet marketing.

First off, let us remember that your virtual assistant in internet marketing will have  very specific tasks. Unlike the regular office worker, who may, at times, be slowed down by basic clerical stuff, this virtual assistant will cover online based marketing, social media networking, email management, reputation management and maybe even some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you’ve heard of the terms “Marketing Officer” or “Marketing Executive”, the Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant surely make those titles sound vague. This specificity narrows down priorities of your marketing campaigns and makes sure that your imprint in the industry is visible online. And because online accounts are inter-related, there are a lot of places where your campaigns may have been “stumbled upon”.

Think of all the other gains of virtual assistant internet marketing and what comes to mind is global competency.  This quality in your company invites clients you never expected, mostly because you are presenting yourself to the global village freely. You can take this opportunity by slowly learning how it is to effectively market across borders, and how to communicate with the people who may have a different psychographic and demographic profile as you, but still have the same needs.

It is all about results.  You want results but so do your customers.  Your customers expect from you a willingness to reach out.  This is where the stumbles come in.  Remember, not everyone stumble in to your content online by accident.  Some have been referred or directed to your business because of a positive impression of what you have to offer.  Virtual assistance will oversee the popularity of your content.  Impression management and creating an image that resonates even with those who have never heard of you is that room left you need to improve on. This goes to show that effective offshore assistant internet marketing will take you far…but it’s not a piece of cake as well.

The best way for you to increase the number of your “stumbles” is to practice what you preach. As cliche as it may sound, before you begin to offer internet marketing to others, you also have to know it by heart too. It would also help greatly if you, yourself, are an icon online. Then there are the catch basics: a catchy image in catchy colors and a catchy slogan.

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What Exactly is Virtual Assistant Internet Marketing?

The phrase “virtual assistant internet marketing” may confuse a lot of people especially if they do not understand some key concepts that is incorporated in this practice.  One is the concept of virtual assistance.  It is essentially the ability of an employer to delegate tasks “virtually”, which is to say that an actual office exists online rather than in the physical sense.

On the part of the virtual assistant, they also report to their employers online using a wide range of possible communication tools.  There are many ways to keep track of tasks.  An example of which is the use of logs and a checklist of things-to-do within a day, week or month.  Setting targets with an offshore assistant is no different than setting targets with a  person who is physically present.  As long as there is a structure to follow then surely, the job is done and that is what matters in the end.

What about internet marketing?  What makes virtual assistant internet marketing any different from internet marketing?  What is so special about internet marketing as opposed to marketing in the traditional sense?

Let’s break this down.   Marketing entails the use of different methods to promote a business’s products and services.  Internet marketing is using the internet to market these products, and this is a specialized type of marketing because the internet has a lot of options in terms of marketing from website development to social networking.  Finally, we get to understand what it is that virtual assistant internet marketing can do to improve you business: simply put, it is effective and specialized.

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