The SEO Virtual Assistant Career

The internet, specifically doing search engine optimization (SEO) is just teeming with business.

Do not be put off by the word assistant in SEO virtual assistant.  Yes, in the beginning you are responsible for a lot of legwork and menial tasks – but a career?  Is that even possible?  The answer is yes.  It is possible to build a career out of being an SEO virtual assistant.  The question is how.

Naturally, working a great deal with search engine optimization already prepares you for the work demands of such an occupation.  Not only are you expected to know how this works, but you also need to innovate ways around it.  This equips you for other opportunities in the IT industry.  A lot of individuals and businesses hire people for IT consultancy (one career path you might like to consider in the future).

Think about it.  Knowing the internet from the ground up, and its heart, the search engine, will prepare you for one of the fastest growing industries in modern history. The internet is just teeming with business.

As for what this may translate to your other competencies, with experience in virtual assistance you already know how to best manage your time.  Being online all the time gave you the capacity to work around tasks on a real time basis.  What this means essentially is your mindset is built for the perpetual nature of the internet: work never stops.  For that matter, work never sleeps.  Money grows even when you go to sleep.  This is just one of the many opportunities from becoming an SEO virtual assistant.

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