Other Approaches to Link Building: Link Building Companies

Links don’t grow on trees

Most linkbuilding companies have yet to learn about up and coming trends in web marketing.  A lot of these linkbuilding companies are stuck in the ways of the old, leaving behind links or making a series of exchange plugs to promote a certain website content.

Some new concepts may seem alien to you if you are stuck with the notion that just because you work in an internet company you work strictly in the internet.  New thinkers are introducing the idea of promoting their website, service, product, advocacy or what have you through highly interactive means.

This has been done before but it faded to obscurity when people got stuck with their screens.  Now, linkbuilding companies are taking advantage of the resentment that built up over time with being glued to the computer for too long.  An example of this is what they call an online party.

An online party takes place when you set up a specific time and place your followers can come together.  These may happen on and offline.  In the case of online parties that take place in a room with a lot of people propped up in their laptops or wireless devices, at least you get to see some of the human element in your business while staying connected.  Give them a wifi connection while keeping everything more interactive.  Serve up drinks and do plugs for your website and affiliates who like to join in.  This is just one way linkbuilding companies can improve their networking.

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