Virtual Administrative Services 101

There are still a lot of people who are baffled about what virtual administrative services really are. In fact, if you’re a virtual assistant and somebody asks you about your occupation, it’s highly likely that they won’t be able to understand it from the get-go. Well, unless they belong to the same industry. So let us break it down for you:

Virtual administrative services refers to all the administrative and clerical services provided by off-site sources. Usually, these services are coursed through the internet. Outsourced offshore technical and creative services also fall in this category. Examples of these services include web content development, web development, email monitoring and social media marketing.

Now, even if these services do not demand physical appearance, the demands are still the same because it is output-based. In fact, because of this nature, it will be easier to monitor your developments in your cloud-based efforts, be it as difficult as SEO or as easy as email filtering.

If you are eyeing to hire virtual administrative services, be sure that the one you hire has experience working in a typical business setting. S/he must         know the basic responsibilities of a secretary or an administrative assistant. If you can get one with a business course as a background, that’s better. Anyway, many online gigs now pay higher than the traditional corporate jobs. The basics of professionalism must also be there, such as submitting requirements on time, great attendance and ample communication.

The salary range for virtual administrative services is $200-$600 monthly.

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