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Other Approaches to Link Building: Link Building Companies

Links don’t grow on trees

Most linkbuilding companies have yet to learn about up and coming trends in web marketing.  A lot of these linkbuilding companies are stuck in the ways of the old, leaving behind links or making a series of exchange plugs to promote a certain website content.

Some new concepts may seem alien to you if you are stuck with the notion that just because you work in an internet company you work strictly in the internet.  New thinkers are introducing the idea of promoting their website, service, product, advocacy or what have you through highly interactive means.

This has been done before but it faded to obscurity when people got stuck with their screens.  Now, linkbuilding companies are taking advantage of the resentment that built up over time with being glued to the computer for too long.  An example of this is what they call an online party.

An online party takes place when you set up a specific time and place your followers can come together.  These may happen on and offline.  In the case of online parties that take place in a room with a lot of people propped up in their laptops or wireless devices, at least you get to see some of the human element in your business while staying connected.  Give them a wifi connection while keeping everything more interactive.  Serve up drinks and do plugs for your website and affiliates who like to join in.  This is just one way linkbuilding companies can improve their networking.

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SEO Virtual Assistants Get the Work Done

SEO virtual assistants have certain responsibilities that are unique to other SEO specialists.  The derivative assistance may be quite misleading to a lot of people.  SEO virtual assistants have a more active role than the title purports.

Their responsibilities include monitoring website activity, algorithms, responding to visitors and planting the appropriate keywords that will help optimize the website in search engines like google, bing, altavista and yahoo.  This may sound simple enough, and it will be once you get the hang of it.  But this kind of work takes a lot of initiative and taking an active role in optimizing the website that you are working on.

SEO virtual assistants may also be tasked to keep the lines of correspondence between website and visitors.  This is not to say that the kind of correspondence you keep is strictly in feedback format, however, crucial part of search engine optimization is knowing that content creation is a form of response to visitors.  It is all about knowing the right kind of keywords to use to trend a website while formulating a progressive content is part and parcel of your work.

The key to being an effective virtual assistant is to be receptive to changes in trends and be able to indicate this in his or her reports.  Being timely and relevant is also important when it comes to any type of update that you are required to do.  SEO virtual assistants should be intuitive and sharp about what the website needs to improve its popularity.

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Maximize Efficient Work Communication for Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services make use of new communication platforms, specifically asynchronous communication.  This type of communication flow helps keep track of all information coming in and out of a certain transaction.  Like the word implies, it is all about taking turns.

Nobody gets ahead of the other and therefore, it is impossible to miss out on instructions because with it comes the necessity of confirming the receipt of messages.  Tasks become clearer and more effectively executed because of the asynchronous nature of virtual assistant services.

Communication becomes your currency and technology, your platform.  Such is the province of asynchronous communication.  It makes it easier to specify tasks and provide feedback. Work is done a lot faster as opposed to an actual office.  Although in actual praxis, people need to dialogue constantly especially during brainstorming.

But there is a tendency for this to overload if not moderated properly.  When one seeks out virtual assistant services, the content of discussions within a work team is at a constant monitor and moderation.  People are more likely to conform to tasks and expectations when they have confirmed real time, which in this case is made possible by setting up a more “online” business space.

Here are a set of tried and tested platforms that virtual assistants can use to communicate with their employers and co-workers:

1. Email – This is one reliable platform. E-mail is simply electronic mail and most emails have loads of memory enough to store up to thousands of emails a day. Good news: I believe Yahoo and Google are still updating to increase this memory.

2. Social Networking Sites – Although social networking can easily blur the line between work and personal life, social networking platforms are great for real-time updating and communication. You can upload photos, chat, send private messages and post public messages on people’s/ company’s profiles and promote your website and online presence using famous social networking tools.

3. Chat – The spouse of email, chat is also a great, cost effective way of real-time communication. Chat may seem like that hobby you used to do with your long lost friends and your school peers. In the professional world, chat takes on a more serious look. For optimal communication, one can couple chat with video, sound, screen sharing and conferencing. Ten years ago, who knew these things would be available to us at near zero cost?

Finally, let us take note that for every benefit there is something that one foregoes such as the building of rapport between individuals in a team.  Communication is more fluid in actual life and also entails a lot of non-verbal cues.  There are many times, in crucial decision making, that we miss detecting intentions due to the remote nature of online work.

However, these kinds of pitfalls may easily be forgiven what with the highly professional environment brought out by virtual assistant services, which are essentially asynchronous. At the end of the day, professionalism and good manners are still non-negotiable, no matter what communication platform it is that you’re using.

Virtual Assistant Services: What’s so Special About Them?

There is growing demand for virtual assistant services.  It is timely and cost effective.  If you get familiar with the different kinds of offshore assistant services, then you are sure to pick up innovative ways to improve your business model.

When you say virtual assistant, what comes to mind?  Perhaps what occurs to you is someone who does all the jobs expected of an assistant minus the physical presence.  This is a pretty accurate definition, however, mind you there is more to it than that.  It is more than menial online secretariat work. An offshore assistant may also set up an office for you online, which means, your office is ten times more accessible to everyone.  All the information is kept online and so for easy reference and filing, everything is right on track and accessible online.

Another task that virtual assistant services may cover is online marketing. And this is quite a broad subject. When you say internet marketing, that covers website content updating, social network marketing, internet presence management, reputation management, email marketing and others. See? The work of this assistant is not a walk in the park after all.

Perhaps one of the best things about having an onlinr assistant handle those things is the fact that this platform minimizes office politics since bosses and workers are more task-oriented than they are people-oriented. There is more emphasis on actual output rather than just the amount of time someone puts in to report to work. Mind you, in the office someone can just “report” for work by showing up in the office and does nothing that’s relevant or useful for the company.

Online, although actual online time is counted, more emphasis is put on output. How many backlinks did we gain? How many “likes” do we have on our page? Is the online payroll system done? What are the email updates on the clients in Asia, Europe andSouth America? Questions like those are not foreign in the virtual assistance world.

Some may say that virtual assistance takes out the “human” element in setting up an office. This really depends on what really is a “human” element for your business.  If your business simply wants a professional setup, this is ideal for you. It is cost efficient, it is more convenient and most importantly, it gets the job done! In fact, just like in a physical office setting, one can still use online, non-work time to chat with online workmates. Many people have gained lasting friendships across the borders because of their online work.

In between the ups and downs, truth be told, being invested in the skills and attitudes of individuals is still a requisite for this kind of work arrangement. Given that, it is impossible to do away with the “human” element.

So now that you know the trappings of the virtual assistant industry, what now is stopping you from exploring the opportunity of incorporating VA services? Our confident answer: none. If you are looking to expand your business while avoiding extra overhead, we highly recommend you take on virtual assistant services.

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Take Advantage of “Stumbles” in Virtual Assistant Internet Marketing

It is only through virtual assistant internet marketing that you can ascertain that your content can use as much space and time you want.  Think also of your potential audience in the Internet. The people on Facebook alone reach more than 700 million. Total number of people who log on to the internet everyday, on average, is more than a hundred million.

That said, your audience can be anybody, absolutely anybody.  Although it may be true that your business is targeting niches but it is virtually impossible to exclude people who “stumble” upon what you have to offer.  These stumbles are indicators of successful marketing: covering base that you did not expect.  Influencing this sector of clients you did not expect is one of the big plus factors of this type of internet marketing.

First off, let us remember that your virtual assistant in internet marketing will have  very specific tasks. Unlike the regular office worker, who may, at times, be slowed down by basic clerical stuff, this virtual assistant will cover online based marketing, social media networking, email management, reputation management and maybe even some SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you’ve heard of the terms “Marketing Officer” or “Marketing Executive”, the Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant surely make those titles sound vague. This specificity narrows down priorities of your marketing campaigns and makes sure that your imprint in the industry is visible online. And because online accounts are inter-related, there are a lot of places where your campaigns may have been “stumbled upon”.

Think of all the other gains of virtual assistant internet marketing and what comes to mind is global competency.  This quality in your company invites clients you never expected, mostly because you are presenting yourself to the global village freely. You can take this opportunity by slowly learning how it is to effectively market across borders, and how to communicate with the people who may have a different psychographic and demographic profile as you, but still have the same needs.

It is all about results.  You want results but so do your customers.  Your customers expect from you a willingness to reach out.  This is where the stumbles come in.  Remember, not everyone stumble in to your content online by accident.  Some have been referred or directed to your business because of a positive impression of what you have to offer.  Virtual assistance will oversee the popularity of your content.  Impression management and creating an image that resonates even with those who have never heard of you is that room left you need to improve on. This goes to show that effective offshore assistant internet marketing will take you far…but it’s not a piece of cake as well.

The best way for you to increase the number of your “stumbles” is to practice what you preach. As cliche as it may sound, before you begin to offer internet marketing to others, you also have to know it by heart too. It would also help greatly if you, yourself, are an icon online. Then there are the catch basics: a catchy image in catchy colors and a catchy slogan.

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