The CPA – Not The Boring Kind

Running a personal assistant service does not need a specific college degree, what it does need is the ability to be flexible, reliable, organized and discrete. Personal assistants or PAs for short, are not limited to the corporate world alone. The most intriguing and perhaps demanding personal assistant service is that of a CPA – a celebrity personal assistant.

Most celebrity personal assistants function as a coordinator, accountant, secretary, party planner and just about anything else. Some celebrity personal assistants even pick up laundry and walk the dog in addition to handling phone calls and answering fan mail. So what does it take to provide celebrity personal assistant services?

You may first want to narrow the field down. As there are many types of celebrities, it would be best if you choose a type whose field you are interested in. For example, you might want to provide your personal assistant services to a football player instead of a rock musician since you know more about being an athlete than being a musician. Next, develop your skills and get some training. True, there is no college degree in being a PA, but some butler classes, event planning short courses, typing and computer classes can help.

Get some experience and work the networks, you can start of by being a regular PA first, and develop your contacts and establish a good reputation. You can also start by volunteering or working in a movie set, football stadium, or where your choice of celebrity works. Most importantly, join an agency and professional organizations for those who provide personal assistant services.  This will help establish your legitimacy as a celebrity personal assistant who is professional and reliable.

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