7 Things a Virtual Office Assistant Can Do

Here is a quick list of virtual office assistant services one can offer to potential clients.

  1. Handle Email – A VA can filter a client’s email and prioritizing it. For some cases, the VA can handle responses that are general in nature or have a pre-fabricated answer. Other mails get forwarded to the client.
  2. Send and Receive Faxes – Turn your office into your clients office by receiving and sending faxes for your client, and in turn create a summary or forward important faxes as needed. Some will charge extra for this virtual office assistant service, which can be on a per fax received or sent, or a blanket fee.
  3. Proofreading correspondence – Not all business owners are good at creating emails an letters, so a VA can proofread correspondence before sending them out.
  4. Make powerpoint presentations – All that copying, pasting of images, formatting texts, setting animation, takes so much time. A good VA can handle this for you.
  5. Spreadsheets – Data management is easier when virtual office assistant services will create one for clients – all they will need to do is input the data, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate.
  6. Research – From compiling articles to putting up a list of websites, or digesting news clipping, a VA can put research on their menu of virtual office assistant services as the task covers a lot of ground.
  7. Translation – A bilingual VA will greatly benefit in translation services, and can often charge more for this task.

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